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One Vision, Many Hands

It took five Keller Williams market centers, 500 volunteers and $50,000 to orchestrate the most successful RED Day event in the Maryland and D.C. region. Schools were renewed and communities energized as associates donated their time and energy to create the best day a kid could ever have!

This Month in Real Estate February 2013 And now, our top story. According to a recent KW research study, the top eco-friendly features buyers are looking for in a their next home include.Updating your house will not only make it more appealing to buyers when you decide to put it on the market,but it could also save you money on your utilities until you decide to sell.
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This Month in Real Estate January 2013 According to a national survey of real estate transactions,over 90% of buyer start their search on the internet- and then spend almost two months looking before finally settling on the right one for them.  That two month lag time means that houses that are on the market right now are in the best position to close in the early spring.  So if you’re looking to sell in the spring, you’ll want to list your house now- and get a head start on the competition.