Seth Campbell Training


January 26-27 Career Visioning in Syracuse, NY – Register Here

March 16-17 – Career Visioning in Maryland Register Here

April 12 -13 – Career Visioning in NC

June 8-9 – Career Visioning in NY Tri State Region REGISTER HERE

June 12-14 – Leverage Series – Career Visioning, 30/60/90 and Success Through Others REGISTER HERE

July 6th – 30/60/90 & Success Through Others – Syracuse NY, TBD

July 7 – Guest Speaker at KW Canada Regional Mastermind REGISTER HERE

July 31 – Maryland/DC Mega Agent Masterminds Register Here

August 3-4 – Career Visioning/MI Ohio Region, TBD

August 18 – SHIFT Unplugged in Greater PA Region, TBD

Aug 29-30 – 30-60-90 Leverage Series, No Florida, TBD

Dec 6-8 Leverage Series in MD/Career Visioning, 30/60/90 and Success Through Others –REGISTER HERE



*Registration links will be posted as we receive them.  Dates and locations are subject to change. For more information on events or to book Seth Campbell for training in your region, email Lori Hopkins at [email protected].

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